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Belly dance school

If you are a new dancer or already one with experience, let’s share the next dance season with enthusiasm and happiness. I am expecting you in Dobracina 30a, Studio Sinatra. Let’s roll, vibrate and rollick!!!

Nedjma – Belly dance school locations

Dorcol, Dance Studio Sinatra

Location: Dance Studio Sinatra
Address: Dobracina 30a, Dorcol, Beograd
Instructor: Alexandra Gruden
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Banovo Brdo, Cultural Center Cukarica

Location: Cultural Center Cukarica
Address: Kirovljeva 6, entrance from Turgenjeva street.
Instructor: Vesna
Phone: +381 65 977 1779

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Belly dance school gallery

To become « big » without falling into the trap of imitation, a dancer has to find her own identity. For that, she has to expand her knowledge. Most of the time, the admiration for the teacher who revealed in her the love for this dance, stays untouched.

Dance level


Beginners’ classes are directed at all age groups and they cover the first repertoire. Basic techniques are taught: isolation of different parts of the body, steps, the techniques of percussion and «rippling» For beginners, oriental varieties are preferable, for they are easy to listen to and to be interpreted.


The objective of intermediate classes is to strengthen the first repertoire and move on to the second. Basic techniques are now enriched with a repertoire of expressions and accents. Also, the techniques of the veil dance and the dance with the stick are introduced, as they require a good control of hand gestures.


A dancer is « advanced » when she in the stadium of learning the third and the fourth repertoire: Identification of the musical style, good control of all the techniques and ability of using them according to the instruments which follow her, ability to use different accessories (the veil, the melaya, the stick), ability to create a choreography and, above all, to play with the audience.

Dance Schedule

Dance schedule


The school also offers courses with foreign teachers. At least two times a year guest teachers (Sandra Kahloun, France and Mercedes Nieto, Hungary) offer public performances and quality courses.


In Arabic countries everybody dances.
The oriental dance is present in everyday life. It is inspired by natural phenomenon, everyday situations, local rituals and it includes women and men of all generations.

Workshop for Children

The idea of this course specially conceived for children arose from my encounter with my dancer and pedagogue friend Dragana Milenković. It was important for me to elaborate for kids a method that is not a copy-paste of the one meant for women.

Childhood is sacred, we respect it infinitely and we do our best to imagine, in our approach, exercises and situations that speak to children without rushing them into an adults’ world.

  • Warming up and isolation of different parts of the body
  • Teaching of basic steps to oriental varieties
  • Introducing of the percussions and « rippling »
  • Choreography, which includes everything taught, at the end of the course

Beside the oriental dance, the course makes children familiar with subjects such as jealousy, rivalry, complexes and others in a joking manner. Oriental dance enhances larger girls, which are often left out from other forms of artistic physical expression.

Workshop for Adults

  • Warming up and isolation of different parts of the body
  • Learning of shimmy
  • Learning of basic steps
  • Listening an comprehension of music
  • Depending on the interest and level, basic techniques of veil dance and dance with the stick

If you live outside of Belgrade, or if you are interested in a particular topic, we will come to you and hold a workshop for you.

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