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June 2017

A tornado of enthusiasm took hold of my advanced class the day Snežana made her first appearance. In her wake, the looks were perplexed, amused, shocked at times, but nothing reached the sunny mood of our giant with generous moves. Snežana didn’t have the indispensable, but she already possessed the essentials: the ability to spread happiness. So of course, we had what to work on, organize, refine and master, but what a pleasure to teach such a receptive dancer!

News: Jewels of Asia, International Christmas Bazaar, Festival Alternativa.

Her strong point: The « joie de vivre » that emanates from Snežana and shows in every move, from the flicker of the eyelash to the arabesques, passing through the shimmy.

Her weak point: the flip side of spontaneity: too much of “everything and immediately” to the detriment of a mastered crescendo.

To be developed: A quiet strength. You need to keep on working on deeper moves and techniques. Finish your sentences even if you need to correct their path (translation for the uninitiated: instead of jumping from one move to another when you think your choice was wrong, bring this move elsewhere).

My message: Snežana, the stage is your home, no doubt about it, and your smile is contagious. If you teach as you dance, your students are blessed!!!

There are dancers who take your attention hostage, just like there are people talking loud and forcing you to listen. Only in a second stage do you realize if you are interested in what they have to show (or say) or not. And there are the lunar ones, ultra-sensitive, often locked in their emotions, those you don’t notice on the spot, but to which you get attached, because they seem to conceal treasures of talent.

Milena is one of them. Brilliant in classes, she has an intuitive understanding of music, and an extremely subtle interpretation.

News: Milena will perform on Sunday December 6. For the Chritmas Bazaar 2014

Her strong point: sensitivity which allows her to live intensely the emotions of music, finesse and accuracy, respect and humility towards teaching.

Her weak point: a strong cerebral side (student in Faculty of Organizational Sciences…) that can harm spontaneity.

To be developed: Self confidence. You need to cultivate the pleasure of dancing, even in the challenge of a show or a competition.

My message: Milena, imaš sve atribute velike plesačice. Nastavi dalje da radiš i budi Ti!

April 2017

At this intuitive dance workshop, Tamara Miladinović will guide us through a deep musical journey. The destination: ourselves, the route: the four elements.
Water’s fluid movements for a connection with our femininity,
Fire and its sharp movements to explore power and passion,
Mother Earth and its strong movements to reconnect to our roots,
And finally the light movements of the Air, symbols of free expression.
Find out which element is your favorite one, and in which one you feel the least comfortable with. You might find out something important!
Tamara and I are looking forward to opening new doors with you.

I am offering you, from september 1, to meet Mondays and Fridays from 12 to 1pm, in Funfit Club, Kralja Milana 4. You can bring your baby to class if you want!

I am avalaible for your comments and suggestions.

Girls, do you want to know the secret of a happy, fulfilled, fun, and sexy pregnancy (three in my case)? As you know, it comes from the head, however not only…

Having the double experience of motherhood in France and in Serbia, I can assure you that, despite all my happiness to live among the Serbs, I thank heaven to have started my career as a mom elsewhere!!!

As soon as my stomach began to show, I was regarded as an alien, a very friendly one indeed, but totally irresponsible! Then I realized, I who was expecting my third child (!) and behaving exactly like the previous two times – active from the first to the last day of pregnancy, full of energy and enthusiasm -how big the cultural gap between Serbian women and myself was.

I gave birth, in term, to a baby in great shape, calm and peaceful, which I could take everywhere with me and who turn into a sociable and curious child, open to the world.

Briefly, here are the benefits of the practice of oriental dance, during and immediatly after pregnancy:

  • Forcing you to leave home and get ready for your rendez-vous with the mirror. Oriental dance loves and respects curves, and a regular practice will prevent these curves to turn into undesirable overweight.
  • Give you a space to dare Thousand and one night outfits, both comfortable and ideal to highlight your changing body. This is the time to dare necklines that would cause car accidents in the streets!
  • Disconnect from the outside and connect to your baby, by alterning soft and tonic movements, always beneficial for your body and the well-being of your child. By listening to different music that your child will hear in-utero and appreciate after its birth, for he will

East Koncept  and friends are pleased to welcome you to an artistic charity evening  on the theme of Movement, on Friday April 11 at 7 pm at the premises of Jevrejska Opstina, Kralja Petra 71/A.

  • From 7 pm, Movement of the pencil and arabesques on paper of the students of Ivona Pleskonja, tomorrow’s greats. Mingle between the easels and pick your favorite drawing.  You can acquire them at the auction.
  • From 7 30 pm to 8 pm, graphic and choreographic Movement through the performance of the oriental dance company “Les Jasmins”.
  • Presentation of the project «Održivo Svratište“(Sustainable shelter) by the Center for integration of youth.
  • Starting 8 pm, it is a Movement of generosity that we are inviting you to: participate at an auction sale of the artists of East Koncept .
The entrance fee will be 200 dinars for tickets bought before April 11 and 300 dinars for entrance the d-day at the gate. All of the benefits will go to the Center for the Integration of Youth.
The entire profits raised through the sale of tickets, and 40% of the profits raised through the sale of artwork will be donated to the NGO Centar za integraciju mladih (Centar for the integration of Youth). The Trag foundation, which supports the efforts of this organization in the development of various models of independent funding of the Center, undertakes to pay 2 ADDITIONAL DINARS to EACH DINAR paid into an account specially made avalaible by the C.i.M.
Your donations will be directed to activities and expenses related to the support of children in the Center throughout the year 2014. The donation of the Trag Foundation will focus on the lauch of social enterprises and second hand stores.
The success of the project depends a little on us, but a whole lot on you, so show up in large numbers.
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