A Pencil Dances with the Heart

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East Koncept  and friends are pleased to welcome you to an artistic charity evening  on the theme of Movement, on Friday April 11 at 7 pm at the premises of Jevrejska Opstina, Kralja Petra 71/A. From 7 pm, Movement of the pencil and arabesques on paper of the students of Ivona Pleskonja, tomorrow’s greats. Mingle between the easels and pick your favorite drawing.  You can acquire them at the auction. From 7 30 pm to 8 pm, graphic and

Oriental Dance classes for pregnant women, Women who want to get pregnant, And women who want their body back

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The “heart” of the program Veil manipulation for arms and back muscles srenghtening (you need to prepare to carry your baby and handle the stroller). Ondulation - hips and belly Contraction and release of the pelvis. I am offering you, from september 1, to meet Mondays and Fridays from 12 to 1pm, in Funfit Club, Kralja Milana 4. You can bring your baby to class if you want! I am avalaible for your comments and

Belly dance

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Belly dance or oriental dance? In Arabic, the dance is called “raqs sharqy”, literally meaning “oriental dance”. Although it was performed, in the pharaoh’s times, as a fertility dance that emphasized the belly, we are almost sure the appellation “Belly Dance” is a western deformation of “Baladi Dance” (dance from the country). The two pieces costumes, revealing made-up belly-buttons, appeared in Egypt in the Fifties as a response to the occidental expectation. I have the feeling “Belly Dance” is better

Oriental dance in Belgrade, it’s my fault

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Soon, people call me Alex. I am french, leo, arabophile, and thanks to an improbable twist of life, married to a Serb and expatriate in Belgrade where I teach oriental Cyrillic.I can say all that without taking a breath, but you, are you still following ? No, seriously, I learnt the language, and believe me, to evoke undulations, shimmys, and poignant emotions in a language you can draw with a ruler, it's not given to everyone, and just

Oriental dance and history of oriental dance

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Knowing where the first civilizations appeared, we could say that, as soon as there were humans, and as soon as they started to dance, there was oriental dance. So our beloved dance finds its roots in prehistory! Oriental dance through centuries For what we can trace, in the fifth century, hunger made most of the Gypsy tribes leave India. Some left for Europe through Turkey and settled in Spain, where flamenco was born, a combination of Indian holly dance, Arabic

Why does belly-dance need Us!

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Please don’t dance at any price! I am not talking about dancing in expensive and upscale places rather than affordable and popular ones, I am not talking about selecting your public according to its financial possibilities. I am talking about changing the way people look at you! It is sometimes smarter to offer your performance at no charge if you don’t want to miss a nice opportunity to be exposed, rather than bargain it. Quality always has a price, people

Hot topic: The union of body and soul

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Oriental dance offers itself to all women, women of different generations and life stories. The dance brings them together in a common quest, the search for their femininity. In an entertaining and warm ambient, they give themselves in to the rhythms of the Egyptian music. During class they leave their taboos behind and question the facets of their personality. They once more become the coquette girl, the shy teenager, the tender mother, the experienced woman that has seen a


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The workshop with the veil was a great success! Tarab workshop in Nice, October 2014, hosted by Sabine Zerbib and Nadia Jalal   Sandra Khaloun in Belgrade | december 2010   Sandra Khaloun in Belgrade | october 2006