Encounters, fifteenth jubilee in Dom Omladine: Live music, dance, inclusion

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Live music, dance, inclusion Thanks to a wonderful initiative that is close to our heart, MAP, Music Art Project whose mission is bringing back or simply bringing the poorest of people to school and giving them an exceptional musical education. Unforgettable moments with the kids and the team of the school Branko Pesić. Live Music     Bojan Ristić     Adam Issa Eminn     West Side Story

Encounters, fifteenth jubilee in Dom Omladine: Thanks a lot

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Thanks a lot For being with us to celebrate 15 years of a Belgrade journey which had been rich in founding and inspiring encounters. As you know, my approach to dance is very personal, it can knock you off track, discourage you, leave passengers on the way, but when it hits target, it touches our hearts for a long time. I would especially like to thank my faithful and unconditional fellow travellers. Thanks also to all the artists who nourish

Communication through dance

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Our body tells what we are trying to keep silent. When entering the dance room, a woman says a lot, even without speaking. There are the conquerors who make their place right away, the observers who gauge before going for it, the disciplined who expect from my eyes an invitation to join the group. And then there is the mirror, the best friend of some, the pitiless judge of others, a witness to tame in the vast majority of cases.

Dragana Milenković – Encounter with a treasure that ignores it is one

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Dragana was already a professional dancer when she entered the Nedjma Planet. She had travelled the world to promote the Serbian folklore, and participated in many TV shows. Therefore, the technique seemed to have no secrets for her, and she quickly distinguished herself by a flawless understanding of the complex rules of dance, and of its choreographic subtleties. Used to teamwork, she is a valuable companion, more interested in the human adventure than in her own career. And this is

Vesna Velimirović – Encounter with a soul mate

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I owe to Vesna and to the dancers from my first dance company much of the success from my arrival in Belgrade. That was in 2003, these women made me feel awaited, important, pioneer. With Vesna, this exchange has never ended.  Besides her trust and loyalty, she offered me a precious gift: Anja, her daughter, leader of the new generation, fed with Lebanese singers and camel steps! In the teaching of oriental dance, Vesna remarkably combines her mastery of

Snežana Petrović – Caution, risk of glare!

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A tornado of enthusiasm took hold of my advanced class the day Snežana made her first appearance. In her wake, the looks were perplexed, amused, shocked at times, but nothing reached the sunny mood of our giant with generous moves. Snežana didn’t have the indispensable, but she already possessed the essentials: the ability to spread happiness. So of course, we had what to work on, organize, refine and master, but what a pleasure to teach such a receptive dancer!

Milena Mišković. Encounter with a ray of moonlight

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There are dancers who take your attention hostage, just like there are people talking loud and forcing you to listen. Only in a second stage do you realize if you are interested in what they have to show (or say) or not. And there are the lunar ones, ultra-sensitive, often locked in their emotions, those you don’t notice on the spot, but to which you get attached, because they seem to conceal treasures of talent. Milena is one of