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I owe to Vesna and to the dancers from my first dance company much of the success from my arrival in Belgrade. That was in 2003, these women made me feel awaited, important, pioneer. With Vesna, this exchange has never ended.  Besides her trust and loyalty, she offered me a precious gift: Anja, her daughter, leader of the new generation, fed with Lebanese singers and camel steps! In the teaching of oriental dance, Vesna remarkably combines her mastery of our art and her sense of pedagogy boosted by motherhood. It is a revelation, and I feel very proud!!!

News: Oriental belly dance classes in Čukarica Cultural Center, and entertainments and cultural events related to the same center.

Her strong point: The sensitivity, the warmth, the pedagogy, the experience.

Her weak point: A great emotion and a fear of conflict that may cause her to vanish instead of defending her rights and beliefs.

To be developed: Risk taking, authority in the positive meaning of leadership. I expect more exposure.

My message: On stage, whether you like it or not, you are in harmony with yourself, you capture the looks and the light. Your happiness while dancing is contagious, but too short! Come on, throw yourself for the challenge, and for your students. You will kick butts!!!
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