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A tornado of enthusiasm took hold of my advanced class the day Snežana made her first appearance. In her wake, the looks were perplexed, amused, shocked at times, but nothing reached the sunny mood of our giant with generous moves. Snežana didn’t have the indispensable, but she already possessed the essentials: the ability to spread happiness. So of course, we had what to work on, organize, refine and master, but what a pleasure to teach such a receptive dancer!

News: Jewels of Asia, International Christmas Bazaar, Festival Alternativa.

Her strong point: The « joie de vivre » that emanates from Snežana and shows in every move, from the flicker of the eyelash to the arabesques, passing through the shimmy.

Her weak point: the flip side of spontaneity: too much of “everything and immediately” to the detriment of a mastered crescendo.

To be developed: A quiet strength. You need to keep on working on deeper moves and techniques. Finish your sentences even if you need to correct their path (translation for the uninitiated: instead of jumping from one move to another when you think your choice was wrong, bring this move elsewhere).

My message: Snežana, the stage is your home, no doubt about it, and your smile is contagious. If you teach as you dance, your students are blessed!!!
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