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Ludo i vrelo uvijanje kukovima

…just before the entrance of the star of the night Alexandra Gruden, the oriental dancer from Paris. The charming blonde, with a stature that does not betray she is a dancer, transmitted the atmosphere of

Enjoying the charm of Morocco

…The mood reached its “melting point” when Alexandra Gruden, the oriental dancer entered the scene accompanied by her dancers and the small number of people that were left in their seats until also started swinging

Živi, živi duh čuburski

…The queue in front of the Bitef teatar stretched to the end of the stairs…The main reason for such a crowd was the performance of the oriental dancers. The star of the evening was the

Čari orijenta

... Čari orijenta otkriva Aleksandra Gruden ... (Blic, 12. februar 2004.)