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Trbušni ples je lek za sve komplekse

...Svaka žena može da se bavi orijentalnim plesom, a one koje naprave makar jedan pokret zauvek ostaju inficirane... (Trbušni ples je lek za sve komplekse, Blic, 13. decembar 2010.)

Zanjišite kukovima

… The oriental dance takes on and brings forward the diversity of a woman’s body, so that you will discover how to and learn to express your femininity, without the need for a perfect stature

U srcu žene iz harema

...Zavodnički ženski ples s Bliskog istoka stigao je i u naše krajeve ... (U srcu žene iz harema, Novosti, jun 2006.)

Dance of the harem

...Imitating the dance of the women in harem, the dancers brought the beauty the strength and the passion of the feminine with their sensual movements. The rite of bringing a newcomer to the harem was

Lepota žene kroz ples

…Through the art of the oriental dance the beauty of a woman was shown. The theatre piece is devoted to women, their common traits, for whatever they do women are always women. They are beautiful

Orijent u Beogradu

…It is not abiut Egypt but about Vračar,where our girls (an a few guys) are learning this traditional middle Eastern dance ... (Orijent u Beogradu, Novosti, December 10th . 2004.)

Life in a harem

… The show was being interrupted by applauding public, that was mainly composed women. Author and choreographer is Alexandra Gruden, costume design by Nevenka Milosavljevic, while the scenography was designed by Violeta Maksimovic (Life in

Dah Orijenta

…The coach Alexandra Gruden danced hip hop, jazz dance and modern ballet, but she says she alwas like Arabic music and the culture (Dah Orijenta, Ana, May 2004.)