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Meet your inner goddess

At this intuitive dance workshop, Tamara Miladinović will guide us through a deep musical journey. The destination: ourselves, the route: the four elements. Water's fluid movements for a connection with our femininity, Fire and its

Belly dance

Belly dance or oriental dance? In Arabic, the dance is called “raqs sharqy”, literally meaning “oriental dance”. Although it was performed, in the pharaoh’s times, as a fertility dance that emphasized the belly, we are

Oriental dance and history of oriental dance

Knowing where the first civilizations appeared, we could say that, as soon as there were humans, and as soon as they started to dance, there was oriental dance. So our beloved dance finds its roots

Why does belly-dance need Us!

Please don’t dance at any price! I am not talking about dancing in expensive and upscale places rather than affordable and popular ones, I am not talking about selecting your public according to its financial