Oriental Dance classes for pregnant women, Women who want to get pregnant, And women who want their body back

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The “heart” of the program

Veil manipulation for arms and back muscles srenghtening (you need to prepare to carry your baby and handle the stroller).

Ondulation – hips and belly

Contraction and release of the pelvis.

I am offering you, from september 1, to meet Mondays and Fridays from 12 to 1pm, in Funfit Club, Kralja Milana 4. You can bring your baby to class if you want!

I am avalaible for your comments and suggestions.

Girls, do you want to know the secret of a happy, fulfilled, fun, and sexy pregnancy (three in my case)? As you know, it comes from the head, however not only…

Having the double experience of motherhood in France and in Serbia, I can assure you that, despite all my happiness to live among the Serbs, I thank heaven to have started my career as a mom elsewhere!!!

As soon as my stomach began to show, I was regarded as an alien, a very friendly one indeed, but totally irresponsible! Then I realized, I who was expecting my third child (!) and behaving exactly like the previous two times – active from the first to the last day of pregnancy, full of energy and enthusiasm -how big the cultural gap between Serbian women and myself was.

I gave birth, in term, to a baby in great shape, calm and peaceful, which I could take everywhere with me and who turn into a sociable and curious child, open to the world.

Briefly, here are the benefits of the practice of oriental dance, during and immediatly after pregnancy:

  • Forcing you to leave home and get ready for your rendez-vous with the mirror. Oriental dance loves and respects curves, and a regular practice will prevent these curves to turn into undesirable overweight.
  • Give you a space to dare Thousand and one night outfits, both comfortable and ideal to highlight your changing body. This is the time to dare necklines that would cause car accidents in the streets!
  • Disconnect from the outside and connect to your baby, by alterning soft and tonic movements, always beneficial for your body and the well-being of your child. By listening to different music that your child will hear in-utero and appreciate after its birth, for he will associate them to moments of symbiosis with you.
  • Share stories of your life with women in your situation, and downplay, by humor and communication, the little concerns inherent in your state (swollen legs, visible veins, frightened partners, or at the opposite too pushy partners, questions your other kids might ask about delivery, reproduction etc…).
  • Deliver with much more ease, knowing that you have learnt how to breathe and how to isolate the different parts of your body. You will be able to « push » without stiffening and blocking your breathing.
  • Get your body back very quickly after the delivery.

A personal anecdote : in France, sessions for perineal reeducation are routinely prescribed by your gynecologist after childbirth, to get your tonicity back. It was not necessary for me, thanks to diligent practice of oriental dance.

Believe me, all this will help you feel like a complete woman, feminine, interesting, attractive and desirable. And if you feel that way, that is how people will perceive you.

Ladies, don’t let prejudices spoil the unique moments that only we, women, have the chance to experience.

So, ready to get started? By the way, I almost forgot, if you want to get pregnant, guess what dance is the most app[propriate! You got me? So react, and let’s be in touch! I am looking forward to meeting you!

PS : let’s check if we understood each other well : exercise : you are already pregnant, and you were advised to avoid swimming and sunbathing. Have you been well advised, and will you submit?

Of course not!!!! Keeping in mind that, pregnant or not, we don’t want to fry without sun protection in the hottest hours, and that we only swim far if we are an experienced swimmer, and preferably accompanied. Understood ?!!! Talk to you very soon !

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