Milena Mišković. Encounter with a ray of moonlight

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There are dancers who take your attention hostage, just like there are people talking loud and forcing you to listen. Only in a second stage do you realize if you are interested in what they have to show (or say) or not. And there are the lunar ones, ultra-sensitive, often locked in their emotions, those you don’t notice on the spot, but to which you get attached, because they seem to conceal treasures of talent.

Milena is one of them. Brilliant in classes, she has an intuitive understanding of music, and an extremely subtle interpretation.

News: Milena will perform on Sunday December 6. For the Chritmas Bazaar 2014

Her strong point: sensitivity which allows her to live intensely the emotions of music, finesse and accuracy, respect and humility towards teaching.

Her weak point: a strong cerebral side (student in Faculty of Organizational Sciences…) that can harm spontaneity.

To be developed: Self confidence. You need to cultivate the pleasure of dancing, even in the challenge of a show or a competition.

My message: Milena, imaš sve atribute velike plesačice. Nastavi dalje da radiš i budi Ti!

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