Encounters, fifteenth jubilee in Dom Omladine: Thanks a lot

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Thanks a lot

For being with us to celebrate 15 years of a Belgrade journey which had been rich in founding and inspiring encounters.

As you know, my approach to dance is very personal, it can knock you off track, discourage you, leave passengers on the way, but when it hits target, it touches our hearts for a long time. I would especially like to thank my faithful and unconditional fellow travellers.

Thanks also to all the artists who nourish my soil, brighten the journey and widen the sphere of possibilities. Thanks to the painters for capturing moments of grace, thanks to the musicians for making the movement resonate, thank you to the authors for making the words dance, and to the costumes designers for bringing our bodies out into the light.

Thank you for being a part of the family of my heart, the one that gathers together, celebrates differences, bypasses barriers and strives to scatter this famous stardust along the way.

Adam and Alex






Alex Solo



Beginners choreography Habibi Aini







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