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Dragana was already a professional dancer when she entered the Nedjma Planet. She had travelled the world to promote the Serbian folklore, and participated in many TV shows. Therefore, the technique seemed to have no secrets for her, and she quickly distinguished herself by a flawless understanding of the complex rules of dance, and of its choreographic subtleties. Used to teamwork, she is a valuable companion, more interested in the human adventure than in her own career. And this is where I am expecting here… I want to awake the soloist lurking in Dragana!!!

News: Belly dance classes for children, personalized animations for birthday parties with belly dance and visual arts workshops.

Her strong point: The technique, precision, commitment, team spirit.

Her weak point: The fear from sticking out and being too exposed. Dragana has to leave her comfort zone.

To be developed: Improvisation, caring for oneself, positive narcissism. Dragana has to be less critical towards her, because her expectations towards herself paralyze her.

My message: Beautiful, time to embark, you have all the trumps. You have to transform your expectations into fuel and hit the road!!!
And don’t forget, charm and personality always lie in the imperfections.

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