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Our body tells what we are trying to keep silent.

When entering the dance room, a woman says a lot, even without speaking.

There are the conquerors who make their place right away, the observers who gauge before going for it, the disciplined who expect from my eyes an invitation to join the group.

And then there is the mirror, the best friend of some, the pitiless judge of others, a witness to tame in the vast majority of cases.

After a few minutes, the magic operates; we become one, carried away by the music, united by this wonderful journey inside our body.

Dance is an exceptional means of communication on several levels: it reconnects us with ourselves, it creates a unique and privileged link between dancers, and it allows a much more confident approach of the outside world.

At first it can be painful and revive wounds and traumas that we’ve been trying to bury. Concretely, a woman who cannot contract her pelvis, who sometimes doesn’t even succeed in locating it, has certainly suffered in this part of her body and has intended to forget painful episodes. Reconnecting her with this neglected place of her anatomy may lead her to initiate a reparation approach. I remember a very cheerful person bursting into tears while exploring the breast Shimmy and undulation.  « I had never been aware of my breast before », she confided to me; she was so upset! No wonder why, the chest is the place of emotions!

Inside the class, women from all paths of life and often sharing nothing but dance discover a new form of benevolence and solidarity. They explore movements that sublimate a body often not appreciated at its true value. They understand that curves can be an asset, that maturity allows them certain boldness.

As they progress through the lessons, women get rid of their sportswear and start getting ready for this rendez-vous with themselves; they take their image into consideration and work at pleasing to themselves.

At that time, I know a great step has been taken.

They begin to gain self-confidence, wear a smile in the street, undulate in public transport and look at shop windows with a different eye.

And then of course, there is conscious communication.  Dance gives ease and allure.  A woman at ease in her body no longer wants to change it, she wants to enjoy it. She spreads a well-being and a contagious benevolence that operates as a magnet on others.

By anchoring us to ourselves, dance allows us to fly to others.  So make your body your dearest ally, accept its limits, respect it and take care of it.

And now, let’s dance!

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