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East Koncept  and friends are pleased to welcome you to an artistic charity evening  on the theme of Movement, on Friday April 11 at 7 pm at the premises of Jevrejska Opstina, Kralja Petra 71/A.

  • From 7 pm, Movement of the pencil and arabesques on paper of the students of Ivona Pleskonja, tomorrow’s greats. Mingle between the easels and pick your favorite drawing.  You can acquire them at the auction.
  • From 7 30 pm to 8 pm, graphic and choreographic Movement through the performance of the oriental dance company “Les Jasmins”.
  • Presentation of the project «Održivo Svratište“(Sustainable shelter) by the Center for integration of youth.
  • Starting 8 pm, it is a Movement of generosity that we are inviting you to: participate at an auction sale of the artists of East Koncept .
The entrance fee will be 200 dinars for tickets bought before April 11 and 300 dinars for entrance the d-day at the gate. All of the benefits will go to the Center for the Integration of Youth.
The entire profits raised through the sale of tickets, and 40% of the profits raised through the sale of artwork will be donated to the NGO Centar za integraciju mladih (Centar for the integration of Youth). The Trag foundation, which supports the efforts of this organization in the development of various models of independent funding of the Center, undertakes to pay 2 ADDITIONAL DINARS to EACH DINAR paid into an account specially made avalaible by the C.i.M.
Your donations will be directed to activities and expenses related to the support of children in the Center throughout the year 2014. The donation of the Trag Foundation will focus on the lauch of social enterprises and second hand stores.
The success of the project depends a little on us, but a whole lot on you, so show up in large numbers.
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